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10 Reasons Which Makes Me Fall In Love with the Northwest

Taking almost top 10 highest mountain peaks in Vietnam, the Northwest also owns many other attractive peaks that invite people to explore. Conquering the high mountain makes us feel proud and satisfied with a very high will.

8 attractive places in Dien Bien you must visit

For a long time Muong Thanh field in Dien Bien is considered one of the most beautiful rice terraces in the northwest, stretching along the Nam Ron river, adjacent to illustrious Dien Bien Phu relics.

A H'mong funeral

All family members, neighbors and relatives come and drink condolescence wine on the ground. After the funeral everybody is given a piece of buffalo meat...In the meanwhile the whole funeral family sit mourning by the coffin.

Homestay in the northwest

We recommend a list of some homestays in Moc Chau plateau (Son La province) if you wish to stay here. When you make a reservation please ask if the homestay is close to the plantation or in Moc Chau area.

Experience to travel northwest Vietnam

October is Autumn in the northwest, the rice terraces shine a picturesque yellow. Autumn sunshine in the northwest is bolder than other regions. The weekend markets usually take place on Saturdays or Sundays, it's a chance for you to have more memorable experiences.

How to arrange a trip to Mu Cang Chai

A motorbiking adventure to Mu Cang Chai must be the first choice to behold the spectacular rice terraces, you can stop anywhere to take photos. Some highlights in your trip includes La Pan Tan rice terraces, Lim Mong valley, Khau Pha pass.

Deserted town Tinh Tuc

Nearly 40 years of existence, the tin reserves declined, the workers left, Tinh Tuc townlet went against the trend and became deserted. There is no significant change from the past except the aging of the mine workers who are living inside the old blocks of difficult times.

Hill tribe markets in northern Vietnam

Coming to a district visitors would feel the special of each market, such as the colorful brocade clothes of H'mong people in Ha Giang, the iron knives and agricultural tools in Cao Bang markets or the buffaloes and dogs in Si Ma Cai.

11 mountain passes in northern Vietnam travelers want to conquer

Gio (Windy) pass is 12km in length, the pass is located on Highway 3 runs from Na Phac to Van Tung, Ngan Son district. Gio pass is one of the longest and most dangerous in Bac Kan province, however it is also poetic, romantic with clouds all year round.

Lunar New Year of hill tribe peoples in the northern mountains

Another interesting custom is: rather than making “Chung” cake like the Kinh, the Hmong make “Day” cake (a plain round sticky rice cake). They think that the round shape of the cake represents the moon and the sun, which are the origin of everything on earth.

Dong Cao plateau

Dong Cao has an abundance of both grass and breeze. To me, taking a leisure walk on the lush green grass in the early morning and taking a deep breath with the sweet smell of the forest and mountain was pleasing enough.

Tuan Giao to Muong Lay

The old highway No6 from Tuan Giao to Muong Lay is about 100 km, the road is rugged, rocky and muddy, very difficult to drive, there are only a few parts of road are still in good condition, average speed on this route is only 15 - 20 km/hours and travelers should not go in the evening.

Listening to the breath of the Pac Bo stream

The historic Pac Bo cave in the middle of the forest is also the home of Tay ethnic village. The Tay people are abundant in Cao Bang Province, and they still hold fast to many of their traditional...

Dien Bien to Laos via Tay Trang bordergate

Once going we were stamped out of Vietnam with no problem. The little room to get the stamp was busting full as all the locals just scrimmage to get to the window and push past you.

Conquer the dead road to Ta Xi Lang

The road to Ta Xi Lang is indeed a challenge for motorcycle riders, including the most experienced drivers. It's steep, steep and rugged rocks, big pebbles coupled with deep abysses, below are dry streams full of the orphaned rocks.

Riding up the northeast

Our first night of the trip was spent in a really small village called Bang Lung, where we were invited into someones home and were not allowed to leave until we'd proved our worth in shots of rice wine.

Behind the foggy screen of Babe lakes

Located in Bac Kan Province, 240km northeast of Hanoi, the Park's most famous attraction is Lake Ba Be, which is actually three smaller lakes joined together. Almost 8km long, the tranquil waters of the lake provide a romantic spot to relax.

A quick look at Ban Gioc watefall

The scenery again, was amazing. The karst peaks reminded me of China of course. They are the same mountain range as in Guilin and Zhangjiajie . We would frequently stop for water buffalo and people toting things on their shoulders along the way.

Cao Bang to Babe by public bus

Most of the trip was a repeat of the trip up to Cao Bang. It was more hazy, though, so the views weren't quite as nice, but still a breathtaking journey. As we approached our destination the bus pulled over to let an elderly gentleman disembark.

Down the hill of Mai Chau

The hike was relaxing and extremely scenic. After climbing over a small mountain ridge covered in forests with men cutting timber by hand, we dropped into the Mai Chau Valley. As we dropped into the valley we passed locals carrying wood and grazing water buffaloes.

Dien Bien at a glance

History and the Laos boarding crossings are the main attractions at DBP but it still feels like it is off the beaten track. Very few people speak English and there are very few signs of tourism here and definately no western style food-not that we found anyway.

Wonderful days in Sapa

Our final day in Sapa was reserved for getting my bike fixed which I now believe may have been a folly and should have been done immediately. We took it to a local travel company that specialise in mountainbiking having inquired on their ability to fix it.

Hanoi to Lang Son by train

Once we arrive in the border village of Dong Dang, just 10km north of Lang Son, we are overwhelmed by all the porters and the goods being loaded on the train for China. The province of Lang Son is the city gateway to Trung Quoc.

Lunar New Year in Tuyen Quang

Anh and her neighbor and her nephew met me at the train station and we took 2 motorbikes to Tuyen Quang, about 40 kilometers away. I was feeling really bad for you mom and dad because I was very, very sure my brains were going to be splattered all over the Vietnamese highway.

Heading towards Sapa from Lai Chau

I passed Moung La (I was lucky to see it. It is due to be submerged under the river when the dam is finished). Up and up I went into the mountains. More and more beauty around me. It was second gear territory.

Explore the remote northwest area of Vietnam

From Lai Chau we drove via Dien Bien Thieu to Son La for a night, & then on to Mai Chau. Over the course of the four days we passed numerous villages & hundreds of locals. Each minority wears a different style of clothing & many villages live in differently designed types of hut.

Mingle with hill tribe peoples

The village is full of animal life - buffalo, pigs, chickens, dogs and cats. After drinking tea, we are taken on a tour. With each home we stop at, the response is the same.

Fascinating way from Mai Chau to Son La

As I travelled, I was constantly greeted by kids and adults on the side of the road. At one point as I roared up a hill, a lorry headed towards me. Something bounced across the road behind it, spinning arond until it crashed into the ditch.

Over the heaven gates of Ha Giang

We timed our trip perfectly to coincide with the Sunday markets that take place in both Dong Van and Meo Vac. We woke up early Sunday morning and headed to the market in Meo Vac. We first saw all the brightly colored clothing of the villagers and entered a market full of merchandise.

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