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Northwest Vietnam Travel  »  Attractions in Northwest & Northeast Vietnam

Attractions in Northwest & Northeast Vietnam

Si Ma Cai citadel

The ancient citadel of Lao Di Pho is located in the ravine, from here can have a panorama view of the whole large area below, blocking the road from Chay River to Lao Di Phung (Lung Sui) and to Lung Phinh (Bac Ha).

Red house in Cao Bang

The two-storey villa located on a small hill, facing straight up Colia pass and Phia Oac mountain, behind is the pine forest. The villa is built with red brick on an area of 400m2 and 20m high. The house has an outside staircase, second floor has wooden floor, fireplace and chimney with European style.

Ban Luot hot spring

Ban Luot hot spring is in Luot village, Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district, Son La province. Ngoc Chien commune is about 80km from Son La town, the commune is located deep in a valley at an altitude 1800m above the sea level.

Phu Xai Lai Leng mountain

Phu Xai Lai Leng is considered the highest mountain in Nghe An province and higher than all other mountains of the Truong Son range. According to the notes of geographers, Phu Xai Lai Leng peak on a 2.711m altitude

Hang Tom bridge

For a long time Hang Tom bridge played a crucial role in the traffic network of northwest region, it was one of the biggest suspansion bridge in south east Asia. Thanks to the magnificent landscape Hang Tom bridge provides a picturesque view of Nam Na river

Thanh Mai pagoda

Thanh Mai pagoda is considered as a sacred place of Vietnamese Buddhism. Over the ups and downs, wars...most of the pagoda was destroyed, many ancient items were lost and stolen only the Vien Thong tower and 7 grave towers of the monks are left including Pho Quang tower

O Quy Ho pass

It is not surprising that O Quy ho is often mentioned with enthusiastic desires to conquer by the adventurous travelers. As the most tortuous and difficult pass in the Northwest, its risky hairpin curves attract and challenge all kind of adventurous motorists

Pha Din pass

Pha Din Pass carrying the legend of the competition horse martial of Northwest people, have now been slashed altitude, running along the slopes gentle, while the old mountain pass above remain high for people Popular adventure travel conquer

Ma Pi Leng pass

Discovering Ma Phi Leng pass, travellers not only enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of mountains but also learn more about the daily life of ethnic people living here. Hagiang in general and Ma Phi Leng in particular are definitely ideal destinations for those who love conquering nature

Khau Pha pass

Khau Pha pass road has two-thirds of the gravel road, bumpy gravel, just walking through the newly beauty Tu Le is more little slightly. During the length of the pass, it have to bend a few segment sleeve falls. On cloudy days, the pass is particularly dangerous for the driver

Mai Hich village

Mai Hich village is enriched with the fascinating indigenous cultures of the Thai and Muong ethnic populations, as well as the regions beautiful mountainous landscape and special local food.

Quan Son lake

Quan Son eco-tourism system is covered with rebirth-forests of rare plantation and animal species. Wildlife: birds, reptiles, mammals are plentiful in the forest. The area has retained traces of national cultures, festival traditional identities.

Pu Sam Cap cave

Pu Sam Cap caves populations include 3 caves: Thien Mon (Heaven Gate), Thien Duong (Paradise) and Thuy Tinh (Glass); far from Lai Chau town about 7 km along the provincial road No 129 toward Sin Ho. With wild and mysterious scenery, Heaven Gate cave appears with a large arch gate, is very deep inside.

Phuong Hoang cave

From the foot of this mountain, we could come to Phuong Hoang grotto through the rugger rock path. The grotto has three layers: the upper layer is Bat grotto (Hang Doi), the middle layer is Bright Grotto (Hang Sang), and the last layer is Dark Grotto (Hang Toi).

Yen Tu pagoda

Best Time to visit Yen Tu is from January to March during spring time as the weather makes it ideal for hiking up the mountains. This period also happens to coincide with the yearly Yen Tu Festival. The Yen Tu Festival falls on the 10th day of the first lunar month and lasts for three months.

Con Son - Kiep Bac

Con Son pagoda was built in the 10th century and was expanded in the 13th century during the Tran dynasty. In 1329, Venerable Monk Phap Loan, second founder of Lam Zen Sect upgraded the pagoda.

Dai Yem waterfall

Dai Yem waterfall is formed from Suoi Vat stream. The beginning points of this stream are from two other streams ( Bo Co Lam and Bo Ta Chau), 600 meters far from the watefall. When flowing to Na Sai ( orchirds garden now), the stream is divided into two flows that are blocked by a wall of limestone.

Cam Thuy holy fish stream

No one in the immediate areas knows exactly what type of fish that is, but it is called The God Fish due to many mystical stories on these special creatures. The local people believe that the fish can bring misfortune to those who dare to catch and eat them.

Pha Luong

In order to get Pha Luong mountain, there are two supply lines to go. One is from the direction of Xuan Nha Forest, the beginning of Moc Chau town about 40km, climbing journey you have the land to Laos. Currently, this stretch of road has been banned completely

Phu Si Lung mountain

Phu Si Lung mountain - legendary peak Phu Si Lung located in the province of Lai Chau is the dream destination of many adventurous travelers

Bac Ha market

In the animation of the fair, from somewhere, you will hear music performed by men with mouths organs to attract girls. Once at the Bac ha market, you'll immerse yourself, in particular, in new discoveries about the life and customs of local ethnic groups

Thung Nai

The way to Thung Nai following the port of Binh Thanh, along the Da River, winding up and down with more than 10 kilometers, tourists will come to center of town and there has a large marina

Bac Me camp

Cang Bac Me, or Bac Me Prison, nestled in a forest of old trees, is a destination for those who want to look back into history to the time when the French ruled the region

Thung Khe pass

Located between Tan Lac and Mai Chau in Hoa Binh province, on Highway 6, Thung Khe Pass or White Rock Pass has clear sky on the morning, blue sky and baking sun at noon, calm sun in the afternoon and fog at night.

Ban Gioc waterfall

From the height of 30 meters, giant volumes of water pour down on three limestone steps. The fall hits its cliffs and roars so strongly that visitors can hear it even from a very long distance

Thang Hen lake

“Thang Hen” in the local language means “lake retention”. Its stream is from Thang Hen cave above. Water from the mouth of cave flows into the lake, so in the rainy season, while the other lakes’ water become red in color, Thang Hen lake is still blue

Deo Van Long mansion

The remains showed the building’s architecture is a combination of the architecture of the Thai houses on stilts with the architecture of the French. The main building was built two-storey red brick, wood floors, roof tiles were removed from the rocks

Thac Bo temple

Thac Bo Temple was built in 1431 in Hoa Trang Commune in commemoration of the contributions of Dinh Thi Van, a H’mong ethnic minority woman and her Dao ethnic minority friend who had encouraged locals to raise food and help Le Loi’s troops in the fight against foreign invaders

Fanxipan mountain

The appropriate time for climbing is from September to March annually. Yet the most fascinating path to Fansipan is late February when the flowers start blooming along the mountain. Travel to Sapa is probably the most enchanting in this season. To successfully conquer the highest peak, mountaineers need to be properly equipped

Son La prison

Son La Prison was well built by the French in 1908 with an initial area of 500 m2, stone and brick walls, tin roof, and no ceilings. This prison had stone beds for prisoners with smooth cement surface and the outer edges attached to the systems of shackles along the length of the floors

Hmong King palace

The palace is in Sa Phin valley in Lung Phin Commune, Dong Van District at the base of a mountain, backed by cliffs and topped by a mass of clouds.

Sapa Ancient rock field

Since the ancient rock field is situated in Muong Hoa Valley, which is 10km from the town center, it is recommended to get to Muong Hoa Valley by motorbike and then trek to the field. Renting a motorbike or hiring a motorbike-taxi (xe om) is fairly easy and affordable

Hoa Binh reservoir

This is the biggest man-made reservoir in Vietnam that not only supplies ‎water for the Hydro-electric power plant in Hoa Binh but also an attractive tourist ‎destination. With the length of 230 km

Phuc Sen village

Phuc Sen forged products are identical. By examining the temper water, we can see the quality of the knife. In addition, professional forgers can test by moving the knife on a nail. One that moves smoothly is a good one. It’s important to make an evenly thin blade and use good tempering water

Hoang A Tuong palace

Hoang A Tuong Castle is an architectural works harmoniously mingled between ancient French house architecture and Oriental architectural style. The prominent Western architecture creates particular beauty for whole building

Pho Bang

The small town of Pho Bang has only a dozen houses, which are scattered on the main road and a few small branches. So you’ll imagine this tranquil land like a beautiful young sleeping woman among wild mountains. Sometimes you’ll see some peach flower blossom rather late

Kim Boi hot spring

Kim Boi hot spring has two large pools along with individual tub system that is replaced water daily to sever travelers. The best time for swimming in public pool is the early hours of the day, around 6-8am, because the new water is pumped into the pool

Nguom Ngao cave

Go inside the cave, visitors will be dazzled by wonderful sparking seven-colored stalactites hanging down from high stone cliffs. Nature is clever to create stone statues of which some look like human bodies, some look like forest plant, animals, a fairy combining her hair or a lotus bulb

Ky Sam temple

Ky Sam Temple was built as a memorial at Nung village of Ngan in honour of Nung Tri Cao, Nung Lord of Quang Uyen for organizing the ethnic minority revolt in the 11th century against the Vietnamese monarchy

Nam Dan ancient rock field

Nam Dan ancient rock situated in an area of nearly 15 hectares, it is far Xin Man district, Ha Giang province about 16 kilometers. This place has 8 ancient carved relics, 2 ancient stone relics and a number of boulders with strange shapes

Lung Phin market

Lung Phin market is situated on Lung Phin town, Meo Vac district, where focusing quite crowded ethnic minorities. Lung Phin market is usually opens on the days of Monkey and days of Tiger in months and held weekly, every week it in turn taking place days of Monkey and days of Tiger

Muong Hum market

Muong Hum market often hold on every Sunday on open flat land at the bottom of a large and beautiful valley by a small river and terraced rice paddies surrounding. This is known as a large and important market in the northwest region of Lao Cai Province

Ma Phuc pass

Ma Phuc pass leads Cao Bang town to Ban Gioc waterfall and Ta Lung border gate to China. Ma Phuc pass is very steep with sharp curves. Before the road was widen it was considered one of the most dangerous passes in the north

Mo Luong cave

The former name of the cave is Bo Luong, which means “the large water stream” in language of Thai ethnic. This water stream is originated from Pu Kha mountain range, flows to the west plains, the local people dug the reservoirs and named it Mo Luang lake

Mu Cang Chai rice terraces

That description could easily be introducing Sapa, a well-known destination that has become a fixture on the Southeast Asia tourist trail. But this is Mu Cang Chai – largely undiscovered by guidebook-toting foreigners, the town offers the splendour of Vietnam’s famous rice terraces without the overbearing crowds

Thac Ba reservoir

Thac Ba Lake was built in 1970 by the construction of a dam on the Chay River. Thac Ba reservoir covers a total area of 23.400 ha, of which 19.05 ha is water area and the remaining 4.35ha of islets on the Reservoir. This artificial lake has 1,331 islands and hills with various ecological environments

Can Cau market

Can Cau market is the market of the H’Mong and the Giay, however, it is operated with the ways trade of the Dao. The market has meeting on Saturday every week and holidays, New Year. In the market, the line of the H’Mong, Giay from the villages flocked to the market

Dien Bien Phu battle field

The Battle of Dien Bien Phu raged all around the city for several months, and there are numerous markers around the city noting sites related to the battle. The two most popular sites are both monuments

Na Hang reservoir

Na Hang Lake is considered to be the “Ha Long Bay among high mountains and thick forests”. There are a total of 99 mountains with different shapes, fascinating all visitors.

ATK Dinh Hoa

ATK or safe zone located at Tin Keo village, Phu Dinh, Dinh hoa of Thai nguyen province, it was the home and head quarter of Hochiminh government from 1947 during the revolution against the French

Nui Coc lake

Passing18km of windy roads from Thai Nguyen City’s centre to the lake are lined by tea-terraced fields on hills, and gentle rivers under a blue sky. Tourists always are surprised by the mystical beauty of Nui Coc Lake. Its scene is more like a water-colour painting than a real landscape

Cam Son lake

Coming to Cam Son Lake, visitors can see here the beautiful picture by the shores of lakes are the imposing mountain with the tall trees shed their shadows on the water that is quiet and decorated by hundreds of islands looks like a miniature Ha Long of Bac Giang land

Khuon Than lake

Visitors to the Khuon Than tourist site may want to camp out and also take a boat around the Khuon Than Lake to contemplate its natural beauty. They can also eat local honey, gecko wine, chestnuts, litchi, and participate in the traditional cultural activities

Binh Lu market

Binh Lu market opens every sunday morning. This maket is located on the other side of O Quy Ho pass, considered the most beautiful stretch of road in the country.

Pa Khoang lake

On winding roads to the center of Muong Phang commune, Dien Bien District, tourists occasionally contemplate a part of blue and quite Pa Khoang lake. Previously, a lot of bamboo trees were grown around the lake. Perhaps, for this reason, local people called this lake Pa Khoang after creating it

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Attractions in Northwest & Northeast Vietnam

Attractions in Northwest & Northeast Vietnam

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