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Dai Yem waterfall

Dai Yem waterfall
Dai Yem waterfall is one of the most worth visiting spots in Son La province. Located in Muong Sang Commune, Moc Chau district, Dai Yem waterfall ( also called Ban Vat waterfall) is known as a place associated with residential history of Thai people ( a minority ethnic group in Vietnam). The waterfall still keeps primitive features gifted by Mother Nature.

The origins of the name “Dai Yem”
There are two legendary stories ralated to the name “ Dai Yem waterfall”. The first story is about the friendship between Vietnam and Lao in Northwest border. The second is about the tectonic process of Moc Chau land.

The first legend: “ Once upon a time when Lao were robbed and killedd by the enemies from the North, young men in Ban Vat ( Vat hamlet) volunteer to help Lao people prevent invanders. At that time, There were a couple in Ban Vat. Although they were in love, the boy had to join others to help Lao country. On the farewell day, the girl promised to meet again the boy on the top of a waterfall. Time passed by, many boys came back the hamlet, except the girl’s lover. Every afternoon, the girl still went to the waterfall where they made a date to wait. After a stormy day, the villagers didn’t see the girl any more and they just found a silk ribbon embroidered the names of boy and girl near the waterfall. Then the villagers called the waterfall Dai Yem to remember the touched story about this couple”.

The second legend: “ Long time ago, there were a boy and girl living in the same small hamlet. One day, while they went to the forest to find firewood and fruits with other villagers, suddenly a storm came up. The water rose higher and higher so many people were swept away to the mouth of a chasm. Luckily, the boy and girl hung on to a branch of an old tree. When the flood water went down, they went to find the villagers and saw a group of people who were suspended among the forest trees near the bottom of a waterfall. The girl used her hair and her silk ribbon to make a long rope that helped rescue the villagers. To show deep gratitude to the girl, the villagers called the waterfall Dai Yem.

To enjoy all the beauty of Dai Yem waterfall, visitors should come here from April to September because in this season, the volume of water pours down much that creates a majestic and romantic picture. With the total width of 70 meters, the waterfall looks like a “ silk ribbon” across the hillside that colored with the yellow of sunshine.

The Dai Yem waterfall is formed from Suoi Vat stream. The beginning points of this stream are from two other streams ( Bo Co Lam and Bo Ta Chau), 600 meters far from the watefall. When flowing to Na Sai ( orchirds garden now), the stream is divided into two flows that are blocked by a wall of limestone. Then Suot Vat stream continues flowing into the stream of Bo Sap to make a waterfall like Dai Yem today.

If you want to observe all majestic scenery, you should climb up the top of the waterfall. Here you can experience the water whispering and feel the fresh atmosphere. Looking down, you can find the wide stream with variety of strange stones and rocks.


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