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Red house in Cao Bang

Red house in Nguyen Binh district, Cao Bang
This villa is located on the connecting road QL34 and TL212 in Thanh Cong Commune, Nguyen Binh District - Cao Bang.
The two-storey villa located on a small hill, facing straight up Colia pass and Phia Oac mountain, behind is the pine forest. The villa is built with red brick on an area of 400m2 and 20m high. The house has an outside staircase, second floor has wooden floor, fireplace and chimney with European style.

Legend has it that: At the beginning of 20th century, the mountains of Tinh Tuc - Phia Oac had many mines of gold, tin, and wolfram. The French carried out the mining here. The Red House was built as a lodge for a gold mine owner.

On a rainy night with a thunderous lightning (or a cold moonlit night in the middle of the forest?), A gang of woodland bandits broke into the house and robbed some gold dust and killed the Frenchman in the hall, blood spilled everywhere...After that, the house was abandoned with many thrilling stories, there were shadow of people screaming and ghostly fires at night.

More than 10 years ago, a Nung couple used the Red House as a shelter to look after the forest and to do the rice cultivation, they got up every night and had to run away after only a few days.
Some curious, strong-minded people slept in this haunted house. Set fire to sit all night, carrying cameras, transceivers. The results collected were unidentified marks of light and supernatural ghosts.
Because of the horrible macabre rumors of the Red House that around nearly one kilometer radius are no people's houses, although the location of the house makes it very comfortable.
Recently we had had a chance to visit the Red House we took some pictures. It was true when we entered the house there was a cold feeling. Of course it's alright not to do anything wrong with the soul of the dead. Let the past sleep, a beautiful past time of Cao Bang mountains...


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