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Pa Khoang lake

Pa Khoang lake
Stunning Pa Khoang Lake is a picturesque place to relax, the lake is located Dien Bien Phu city 30 km to the northeast, on the altitude of nearly 1.000 meters above the sea level, Pa Khoang Lake looks like a jade among rural northwest mountains. Importantly, Pa Khoang lake is currently one of ideal destinations in Dien Bien for visitors.

On winding roads to the center of Muong Phang commune, Dien Bien District, tourists occasionally contemplate a part of blue and quite Pa Khoang lake. Previously, a lot of bamboo trees were grown around the lake. Perhaps, for this reason, local people called this lake Pa Khoang after creating it. In fact, according to the Thai language, Pa Khoang means bamboo forest.

With the area of 2.400 hectares, the lake is an important water source for tens of thousands of hectares of Dien Bien farmland. After being put into use, the lake provides enough water to Muong Thanh field of 5.000 hectares so that local people grow two crops each year and becomes the Northwest's largest field. In addition, the lake seems to be an air-conditioner, limiting the harmful effects of flooding and keeping water for hydropower plants including Bay Waterfall and Na Loi. What is more, for many years, people in the villages in the region have grown timber trees and perennial fruit trees around the lake and islands, creating a dense green vegetation. This makes a great contribution to attracting birds and animals and creating a balance in the development of the ecosystem.

Situated in the city of Dien Bien Phu and near the historic headquarter of Dien Bien Phu campaign, Pa Khoang lake looks like a bridge of two central monuments and is an interestingly ecological destination for tourists.

On hot summer days, the lake is quite busy. Coming here, visitors not only enjoy the pure atmosphere but also are immersed in nature. What is more, you have an opportunity to take at small boats floating in the lake and let your worries and stress behind to admire the clouds and water. The boats will take guests move corners of islands, explore and discover the mysteries of nature. If desired, you can moor the boat to bushy trees to fish or take a rest. According to many tourists who used to come to Pa Khoang lake, this place is really the most beautiful and romantic at sunrise. After the tour on the lake, the boatmen continue to bring tourists to visit islands.

Coming here, one of the pleasures of visitors is enjoying mountainous specialties prepared from fish and shrimp taken from the lake. Tourists can stay at resorts or villages of Thai and Kho Mu ethnic groups around the lake. The dinner will be transformed into a cultural exchange festival. Guests enjoy sticky rice and bamboo rice with grilled fish, smoked meat and wine.

Pa Khoang people are very open, friendly and hospitable. In the villages, visitors also have an opportunity to learn about cultural values, beautiful dances, and folk songs. It is great when you come here and experience wonderful things that Pa Khoang lake and local people are offering.


Northwest Attractions

Northwest Attractions

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